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Frequently Asked Questions


Before I Join

How To Join

  • Step 1: Register HERE with your name, email address, and zip code and click on “Enroll Now.” You will be automatically redirected to Coursera to log in or create a new account.
  • Step 2: Log into Coursera if you have an existing account. If you are a new user, click on ‘Sign Up’ to create a new account.
  • Step 3: If you are new to Coursera, you will need to verify your email first before joining the program.

Coursera is a global online learning platform where learners can engage in courses offered by over 200 world-class universities and companies. All of The American Dream Academy coursework is available on Coursera.

Once I Join

  • Step 1:  Select one Career Certificate and one workplace skills course.
  • Step 2: Complete the introductory "Beginning with Me" course before you start your Career Certificate and workplace skills course.
  • Step 3: Choose any of the optional career readiness courses and register for community programming events such as study halls when you receive emails via the Coursera platform.

The requirements are to complete the introductory "Beginning with Me" course, ONE of the Career Certificates, and ONE of the workplace skills courses that you choose.

The Career Certificates offered by The American Dream Academy are designed to prepare you to pursue an in-demand career and require no previous experience. You are required to complete one of them. They include:

  • IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Meta: Facebook Social Media Marketing
  • Meta: Front-end Developer
  • Meta: Back-end Developer
  • Google Data Analytics
  • Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Google IT Support
  • Google Project Management
  • Google UX Design
  • Google IT Automation with Python
  • Amazon Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Intuit Academy Bookkeeping
  • Salesforce Sales Development Representative
  • Salesforce Sales Operations

You can refer to the Certificate Pathways chart for information about each Career Certificate, including the skills you will learn, the entry-level jobs each one prepares you for, and the average salary and number of open positions for jobs in each area.

Workplace skills are often referred to as "soft" or "durable" skills. They relate to how you work, solve problems, and interact with colleagues. They include skills like communications, leadership, and critical thinking and growth mindset.

The workplace skills courses in The American Dream Academy reflect the skills most requested by employers. You are required to complete one workplace skills course. They include:

  • Communications Strategies for a Virtual Age (University of Toronto)
  • Business Writing (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Foundations of Everyday Leadership (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • The Growth Mindset (University of California Davis)
  • Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional (University of California Davis)
  • Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding (The State University of New York)
  • The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization (SoFi)
  • Human Skills course (The American Dream Academy)

None. No degree or prior experience is required.

Yes. Some Career Certificates are eligible for pre-approved transfer credit at Western Governors University (WGU) and the University of North Texas (UNT). More information on transferring credits will be available to you after you enroll. They are:

  • IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Google Data Analytics
  • Google IT Support
  • Google Project Management
  • Google UX Design

As soon as you register, you can start working on the "Beginning with Me" course, the Career Certificates, and workplace skills course you choose.

Community programming includes live, virtual events with your peers that occur throughout the program. These events help you define your purpose, set goals, and prepare for your next opportunity. Participation in community programming is optional.

After I Complete the Program

You receive two digital badges — one digital badge for completing The American Dream Academy and one for completing the Career Certificate you chose.

Depending on the Career Certificate you complete, you also will receive resources that help you find a new or better job. After completing any of the Google Career Certificates, you receive access to Google's employer consortium of over 150 companies, an exclusive job board, interview preparation tools, and 1:1 coaching. Completing Meta's Social Media Marketing Certificate grants you access to the new Meta Career Programs Job Board of 200+ top employers.

If you want to continue your education, graduates of The Academy are qualified to receive admission to Western Governors University (WGU) and up to 12 pre-approved transfer credits, depending on the Career Certificate you completed. You will receive more information upon completion.

All learners who complete the Beginning with Me course and one of the Career Certificates is eligible for admission into WGU. To learn more about the partnership and pre-approved transfer credits for certain Career Certificates, click here.

I Have Technical Questions

For troubleshooting login and account issues, please visit the Coursera Learner Help Center.

Other Questions

The Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream is a national nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C. It exists to help make access to the American Dream—however you define it and wherever you are—more available to everyone. The Center works on both sides of the access equation: making resources available to visitors on-line and in person to help them acquire the skills needed to achieve their personal dreams; and at the same time, work with the private sector, government, non-profit and community leaders to help advance fairness in education, funding, finance and health resources and policies.

The American Dream Academy works with a variety of partners across the corporate, non profit, and public sectors to support learner participation and engagement, and broaden opportunity.

There are several different ways to support the program. To discuss further, email us at [email protected].

Free And Flexible Online Education, Built For You

In just six months, you can gain both in-demand technical and workplace skills by engaging in free online courses at your own pace, on your own time, on Coursera’s online learning platform.

We are looking for learners who:

  • Are dedicated to continuing their education or advancing their career.
  • Are committed to spending approximately five to ten hours a week for the six-month program.
  • Are 18 or older, a resident of the United States, and have a valid, government-issued ID.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent and are English-language proficient.

You will earn:

  • Access to job boards, 1:1 career coaching, and resume and interview prep upon completion of Google certificates.
  • Up to 12 college credits at select colleges and universities upon completion.
  • Guaranteed admission at Western Governors University upon completion.
  • A specialized digital badge that you can share with employers, and on job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn, to show off your new skills.
  • Access to specialized courses and events that help you discover your purpose and define your strengths.
  • Access to a growing community of over 40,000 peers.

Explore the Program

The flexible program includes courses, all offered for free on Coursera’s global online learning platform, that you can move through at your own pace as well as support to help you complete them.

  • Courses that build job-ready skills:
    You select from one of 14 Career Certificates created by some of America's largest companies, including IBM, Meta, Google, Amazon, Intuit, and Salesforce focused on in-demand skills like data analysis, IT support, cybersecurity, project management, UX Design, front-end and back-end development, sales operations and development, cloud solutions architecture, bookkeeping, and digital marketing.
  • Courses that build workplace skills:
    You select from courses created by America's leading academic institutions focused on skills like communications, critical thinking, leadership, financial literacy, and growth mindset. The Academy also offers a Human Skills course created exclusively for TADA learners that features the skills most valued by employers, along with various optional career readiness courses to help you prepare for interviews and build your resume.
  • Community programming and support:
    You will have access to online activities and live study halls and events that help you assess your strengths, define your purpose, set goals for your future, and network with a community of your peers.